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What’s Your Problem?

  • Outgrown your existing accounting package?
  • Irritated with no connectivity between applications?
  • Frustrated over lack of visibility due to data silos?
  • Annoyed by accounting platform inflexibility & add-ons
  • Poor budgeting and cash flow reporting
  • Limited payroll functionality
  • Copying data from emails



An ERP package for the SMB, with integrated email, accounting, inventory management, job costing, payroll and basic CRM. Advanced reporting and analytics, cash flow forecasting, budget v actual analytics and scenario modelling.

  • INTEGRATED EMAIL – create quotes, sales orders, PO’s and invoices from within an email.
  • ONE PLATFORM – finance, accounting, inventory, job costing and payroll in one place.

BUSINESS INSIGHTS – advanced reporting and analytics, cash flow forecasting and measurable data sources.